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You enter the new world uncertain of all save that you enter.

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Happy holidays everyone. Here are one gazillion photos of our baby.
pruneduchess wrote in thatyouenter
It's a Murrah Chrussmans photo dump!
We're down in Portland at Cait's family's house, where Finn is working hard on his proto-crawl, in order to best topple the precarious Tree of Books.
Our housemates got him this bow-tie and dress shirt, so he can go to important meetings. He loves them, or maybe just life in general, who can say. Not him, that's for sure.
Letting our nerd flag fly:
We skyped with Auntie Sayer out in Oberlin on her birthday. What is this strange space age the next generation is growing up in?

OK, and then because we've been lax, here's a quick photo tour of the last few months - back to now unthinkable late summer! An unseasonably sunny October day in Volunteer park.
We ride the bus a lot. (Although as you'll see, that may change soon - stay tuned.) Here a little bus napper naps.
Then an early fall walkabout - a long 3-hour family date around our beautiful neighborhood, lake and bridges and forests and gardens....
Sleepy papa, Finn eats leaves.
Just cause.

In November we all flew down to San Francisco so Cait could give a talk at a big human genetics conference. Finn viewed, reviewed, and rechewed the safety information.
From the top of acid rock.
It was a millionty times more fun being at a conference with family to keep me company. Phineas loved the beanbag chairs and people watching, and especially my nametag holder. He went to quite a few talks, including a 2 hour panel on gene patenting that he seriously thought was hilarious. We got only a very rare dirty look, mostly people were super supportive and accepting of us toting this baby around the conference; the climate of the scientific world seems to be changing - thanks to all the women who forged that path... so grateful.
What. We're eating salad, ok.
Also beach sand.
Cait's dad also happened to be down there, so we had a wonderful little grandpa hangout time.
Then after the conference we went to Cait's aunt Laurie's beautiful, light filled heaven in San Rafael for a lovely, restful couple of days. Simply luscious. Thanks La!
Then back home! Finn is learning to make lots of weird faces. What do they mean? We know not.
We harvested the last of our fall garden, including these monster carrots, pink popcorn, and enough apples for loads of applesauce, chutney, hard cider and apple juice. We now have a bunch of garlic and shallots and arugula growing over the winter (and mustard greens - does anyone like mustard greens? we don't really eat them but they have exploded in our garden.) and worms making compost for us. So thankful for our garden!
On the train to Portland. Finn hanging out with his Papa and his best friend.
Jay's anti-racist activist group had their annual retreat - a truly wonderful group of people so seriously engaged in the question of making the world a more just place. Cait's also been getting more involved with them and we're pretty excited about conceiving of new ways to participate as a family in this work.
Phineas helps sort the junk mail every day. He sorts it all into the "junk" category.
I cannot look at this picture without laughing.
9-month checkup! All is well. 
The OTHER important thing that happened at 9 months is duder is old enough to ride a bike!! This is Cait's electric assist cargo bike in action, on our first test ride with the baby seat. It was wet, cold, and totally exciting. 
That's all for now! Love and scowls.

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love th tie. ONly a genius babby can sit through a 2-hour science talk


What an adorable and happy-looking baby you have. He's getting so big!

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