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You enter the new world uncertain of all save that you enter.

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one half of one year
pruneduchess wrote in thatyouenter
Did you read that article in the NYT a while back about the cult of Busy? And how the deliberate overfilling of schedules that a lot of us do today is kind of automatic and kind of a sign of status? And how it's different from Tired, which is what you are when your life requires those long full days of you? I almost want to say something like - I used to be busy but now I'm getting tired, but it's actually not quite that. I will say - my relationship to both busy-ness and tiredness has changed dramatically. I am starting to feel a little worn down, with both my dissertation and the Princess Seismograph record and book offering a seemingly endless list of things to be done, on top of the ever-changing but always present requirements of parenting. But the thing is all these responsibilities are completely full of joy. Especially the Phineas ones. I mean look at this guy!

It’s hard to even comprehend how much has changed in the last month. We have our 6-month appointment tomorrow, and I was remembering that at his last visit – 4 months – he had just mastered the skill of tracking an object around the room with his eyes, and was making vague gestures with his hands. Now he reaches, grabs, bangs, holds, drops, eats, drinks, hugs, claws your face with the sharp nails we neglect to cut nearly as often as we should… He rolls and scoots and sits up on his own, bounces like a maniac in his Johnny-jump-up, stands supporting all his weight so he can look at all the people sitting behind us on the bus… He laughs at “jokes”, blows so many raspberries he ends up with a little cappuccino-foam spit mustache, buries his head in my arm out of delight or shyness, insists on doing things on his own (things he quite frankly lacks the qualifications for)… Dudes, he is like, totally human now.


We continue to be extraordinarily blessed with family, housemates and friends taking care of our little family in so many ways. Our house is so vibrant and alive and full of amazing people (though we miss Alex, our dear dear housemate who is now travelling around the whole world) and our friends find ways to include us in their fun despite our full schedules and a baby who turns into a pumpkin at 6:30. We have a good little rhythm going now that feels pretty balanced most of the time. I think the next challenge will be prioritizing a little more just-the-two-of-us time for me and Jay. We haven’t had a date in a long, long time. It’s tough because the evenings with Finn are so precious, and we have such a settled rhythm for putting him down to bed that we don’t generally feel like going out in the evenings, and we work all weekdays… I guess we have to learn how to do evenings away or have weekend daytime dates. And we have this amazing group of folks who do regular childcare for us, but haven’t really set up a community of folks wanting/willing to do one-off babysitting. (If you are such a person, let us know! Dates!)

And that’s it. Or at least that’s what I’m writing tonight because it’s 10 and certain people like to wake up verrrrry early in the morning. I would also love to tell you about our anti-racist parenting group and my electric-assist cargo-bike and losing baby socks and our garden and the silly song Karen inspired me to write and the beautiful weddings and teething and teeth and baby comparisons but....

Love to you dear readers who are sticking with our sporadic stepchild of a blog.

Mark's hair is delicious I guess.
We had our birth class reunion! This is about half the babies from the class. We had to wake Finn up from a nap to put him on the couch which as you can see, he was not happy about at all.
A rare drawing date with Helen (and Sam!), who are among Finn's devoted caretakers.
Liz and Siobhan dusty and happy, just back from Burning Man! So great to live it vicariously through them and soak up all their joy.
Uncle Piers is pretty cool.
And so is Aunt Sayer! A rare jewel of an appearance from this college JUNIOR omg.
Finn's got a little Rippey in him, yeah? He's not pure mini-Jay? With his grandpaul.
We had an amazing time in - bear with me - BELLEVUE because the Art Museum there has this incredible exhibit of mostly improvised quilts by African-American quilters... it was so inspiring, I can't even...
Also there were mirrors, which fill Finn with delight.
Don't he have purty eyes?
He went through this phase - is still in it a little - where bottle and cups were like the most amazing and fascinating objects in the world. He could be hanging out, just looking around, playing or whatever, and when a bottle would enter his field of vision, you could basically hear the record needle scratch as everything else in the world lost all importance and every muscle and neuron in his body would reorient to the monoloithic goal of Touching Bottle. Here's his bottle face:
SO the other day we drove our CAR which we BOUGHT and can kind of DRIVE out to Seward Park for a glorious early fall walk through pristine forest. Look at this city! Remember when all of Seattle looked like this? me neither. i'm new here.
On our way to Alex and Emily's masquerade wedding spectacular!

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there's a lot i don't know

you been tastin mark's hair, shay?

i'd one-off babysit that midget in a heartbeat


hey we're coming to NOLA in december most likely! let's all hang out! also my other friend who is a dogwalker in NOLA says she would be happy to refer extra clients to you (though would want to do a test walk? i don't know dog walking.) Are you all set or would you like me to connect the two of you?

def hang out in December, and would be happy to meet yr other dog friend, too -- feel free to give her my e-mail address:

[address redacted because I got a ton of spam right afterward -- dang these bots are on top of their game]

Thks Cait


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